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About Traders Escrow

What is Traders Escrow ?
Why should I use Traders Escrow ?
What does escrow cost?
What payment types are accepted?
Is registration required?
How do I register?
What if I lose my login?
New Transactions For Buyers and Sellers
How do I start a new escrow transaction?
Who can start a transaction?
Who pays the fees?
What happens next?
How long does the process take?

What is the Status page?
When does the Buyer submit payment?
When will the Buyer receive the item?
When will the Seller receive payment?
What are the Benefits for Buyer & Seller


[Top] What is Traders Escrow ?
Traders Escrow is recognized as one of the premier online escrow services on the internet. Traders Escrow enables two parties to engage in a sale without risk.
Traders Escrow service acts as an intermediary, unbiased trusted third party, working as a secure depository wherein, it is a possibility to put an amount in safe custody(in trust) until a predefined /fulfillment of a condition or conditions is met. When the condition is met, Traders Escrow, as the escrow agents executes the release to the predefined receipient and destination.

[Top] Why should I use Traders Escrow ?
Traders Escrow protects both the Buyer and Seller in a transaction. The main reasons for using the Escrow Services are risk limitation on both payment as well as delivery, combined with safety, convenience and processing speed. It reduces the risk of fraud by serving as an unbiased third party that collects,holds and disburses payments according to the Buyer and Seller transaction. The payment is not released until the item has been received. The entire process is secure and essential to anyone who regularly participates in online trade such as eBay users.
[Top] What does escrow cost?
You can view the Traders Escrow fee schedule here.
[Top] What payment types are accepted?
Traders Escrow accepts Credit Cards only through PayPal,wire transfers, money orders, cashiers and certified cheque payments from the Buyer. Sellers, however, have several choices for receiving payment. See the fees page for details.
Note : that certain payment types are limited to transactions in specific countries and currencies, and international buyers are advised that the fastest method of payment is wire transfer. International checks, international money orders, or any currency other than that specified for a transaction is not accepted., at its sole discretion, reserves the right to limit and/or refuse a payment type
(such as PayPal) for any transaction.
[Top] Is registration required?
Registration is required to participate in an escrow transaction. If a party in a transaction isn't registered, he will have the opportunity to sign up during the first stage of the escrow process.
[Top] How do I register?
Click here to register. Registration is quick, easy, and free!
[Top] What if I lose my login?
Click here to have your username and password sent to your email address.
[Top] How do I start a new escrow transaction?
Simply login to your account and follow the instructions from the home page. You will need the name, email, and address of the other party in your transaction.
[Top] Who can start a transaction?
Either the Seller or Buyer may start a transaction.
[Top] Who pays the fees?
The Buyer normally pays for the fee, but, during the Agreement Phase of the transaction, both parties -the Buyer and Seller may negotiate as to who will pay the escrow fees. Either the Buyer can pay the fees, the Seller pays, or the Buyer and Seller each pay half of the escrow fee. In the event of a rejection of the merchandise or cancellation of the transaction, the Buyer is responsible for escrow fees, return shipping fees, and original shipping fee if the Buyer agreed to pay. The escrow fee and any original shipping fees will be taken out of the original payment made to Traders
[Top] What happens next?
After submitting a new transaction, both parties will receive a confirmation email with further instructions and access to their Status page.
[Top] How long does the process take?
After Traders Escrow has received payment from the Buyer, the Seller has a maximum of 10 business days to ship the item or payment will be refunded to the Buyer less processing fees. However, the duration of the escrow process takes as long as it takes to make an international money transfer, which may be arranged at the same time that the transport is organised. The whole transaction can be processed in a limited number of business days, depending on the characteristics and terms of the transaction.
[Top] What is the Status Page?
You can monitor your transaction on your own private Status page. The Status page displays both parties information, the item, total due, transfer status, and Buyer/Seller instructions.
[Top] When does the Buyer submit payment?
The Buyer submits payment once he receive access to the Status page. From the Status page you will find the total amount due and payment instructions.
[Top] When will the Buyer receive the item?
The Seller has 10 business days to complete the sale transaction.
[Top] When will the Seller receive payment?
Once the Buyer has confirmed that the item has been received, payment will be submitted within 72 hours.

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