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Traders Provides Trust and Reliability to Online Transactions

Our mission is provide unbiased e-commerce settlement and solutions.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Prime Media Group through one of it's subsidiaries provide online escrow services that promote, facilitate, and accelerate e-commerce by assuring secure solutions and settlement.
Traders Escrow provides intellectual property escrow services through our partners. In addition to source code escrows for computer software, we also offer several other the types of intellectual property protection. Services now offered are Software Development Escrow, Trade Secret Escrow, Domain Name,and Website Escrow.

Traders is a privately held company owned and operated by the Prime Media Group Corp. through a joint venture with Sovereign Financial Trust LLC BVI. The Company, founded in 2002, has established itself as one of the premier purveyor of secure online business and consumer transaction management on the Internet.

"Your Partner in Secured Transactions Online"

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If you are interested in offering our escrow services from your web site, please contact us at:

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